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zbCOMMA is a Singapore-based Chinese language newspaper owned by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). It used to be known as Friday Weekly (星期5周报).

Friday Weekly was launched on 22 February 1991 by Senior Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It was published weekly every Friday. Its main target readers are secondary school students and teenagers.

On 7 January 2009, the new student paper zbCOMMA was launched. It is the revamped product of Friday Weekly. Unlike Friday Weekly, zbCOMMA is distributed to schools together with Lianhe Zaobao on Wednesdays. It consists of follow-ups on news on Lianhe Zaobao, articles written by Zaobao reporters and blurbs for Zaobao news that serve to connect students with Zaobao.

Country : Singapore
Position : 458
Ratings :
Address : Singapore
Tel : 6319-1922
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Type : Comprehensive media