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Yenicag News

Yenicag news published from Baku,Azerbaijan. Yenicag news has many category of news like- sports news, technology, entatainment news, politics news etc.

Yenicag was registered on February 1, 2006 at the Ministry of Justice. Since September 5, 2007, it has been working with domain.
Along with the innovations in the social, political, social and cultural life of Azerbaijan, the world’s exciting news is also available to the readers. At the same time, Analytical Internet Newspaper publishes interviews, analyzes, interviews and author’s speeches on various spheres. The Internet newspaper does not discriminate against any of the political or social groups, and it is fully impartial and independent. In the work of this media project, readers can also take an active part in the editorial staff. Analytical Information Agency’s “hotline” operates to provide readers with operational information about the events they are experiencing. is a member of the “Azerbaijan Press Council” since September 2015.

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