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Musavat News

New Musavat Newspaper is the print media of Yeni Musavat Media Group. The first issue of this newspaper was published on November 10, 1989. The founder of the newspaper is Rauf Arifoglu, the current editor-in-chief and the owner of the New Musavat Media Group. New Musavat newspaper was secretly operating for the first years and became the pressing body of the National Democratic New Musavat Party of Azerbaijan, created against the communist Soviet regime. In December 1991, after the independence of Azerbaijan, the clandestine activity was abolished and the state was registered.

From March 1993 the head of Musavat Party, Isa Gambar, was the founder of the newspaper. After 16 years and 8 months – in November 2009, he returned to Rauf Arifoglu, the 20th anniversary of the newspaper. After all the formalities were solved, the newspaper began to be published by Rauf Arifoglu from 26 November 2009.

On May 23, 2018, the 7,000th issue of the newspaper was published.

“Yeni Musavat” is the only newspaper published in Azerbaijan 7 times a week. The media outlets of the new Musavat media group are:,, (rus), (AZ), https : // (anadolu turkish)

New Musavat Media Group is one of the main media organizations of Azerbaijan for its circulation, circulation and coverage.

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