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Gazeta Wyborcza

The Polish Gazette Wyborcza is the largest daily newspaper in Poland.


“Gazeta Wyborcza” today

“Gazeta Wyborcza” is the most-read and read opinion-forming newspaper in Poland.
“Wyborcza” is a reliable source of knowledge for readers and an important platform for public debate. She is appreciated and awarded for the quality of journalism, innovation and for social commitment and support for the most important national and local campaigns.
Informs, comments, stimulates discussion. It changes quickly, just as our lives and the media market are changing. He has his loyal readers and die-hard opponents.
Because “We are not all right.”

Country : Poland
Position : 16
Ratings :
Email :
Phone : 22 555 66 00
Website :
Address : Gazeta Wyborcza
ul. Czerska 8/10
00-732 Warszawa
Type : Paper media