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Bangkok Post

Bangkok Post is an English-language news medium that has been serving readers since 1946, providing accurate and trustworthy content which serves the needs of discerning and sophisticated readers and their families both online at website and offline with its printed paper.
Its in-depth analysis of current hot issues helps readers to stay ahead of the competition.
Thanks to its diverse and loyal readers and advertisers, it has been ranked no. 1 in readership, circulation and advertising revenue.
The Bangkok Post has content that appeals to viewers with a variety of interests.
Main section
Stay up to date with award winning daily local and international news coupled with many professional news photography, cutting-edge opinion and analysis pieces by academics and well-known thinkers, sports reports and updates.
Business section
Financial analysis, management issues, investment advice, Thai stock market reports, currency reports, up-to-date local and international business news and news about international trade, commodities, real estate, legal advice, and logistics will keep you ahead of the curve.
Life section
Expand your insight with numerous scoops about art, music, food, travel destinations, technology, fast cars, upcoming events, fashion, social and cultural issues.
B Magazine
On Sundays, get family-oriented features and tips to help to keep your family in a better shape and be happier.
Sunday Comics
Fulfil your craving for funnies with Garfield, Peanuts, Blondie, The Born Loser, Bizaro & many more comics, all in their full-colour glory every Sundays.
Asia Focus section
On Mondays, get insight on trends and opportunities that arise in the Asian region.
Guru section
On Fridays, also get Bangkok Post’s dedicated lifestyle and entertainment magazine that bridges the gap between the newspaper and internet generations. There are plenty of humour pieces, restaurant reviews and tips to find cool places to visit during the upcoming weekend.
Week-end Sports section
A whole tabloid filled with local and international sport coverage and columns.
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Tel : +66 2 616 4000
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