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Al-Thawra is a Yemeni newspaper. It was founded on 29 September 1962, and celebrated its golden jubilee in 2012.

The paper was founded by the Yemen Arab Republic government entity the Saba General Organization for Press alongside Al-Jumhuryah newspaper. Al-Thawra is based in Sana’a and had a pro-government stance. After the Houthi takeover in Yemen in 2015, the Houthi’s captured Al-Thawra and turned it into a pro-Houthi outlet circulated only in the north of Yemen.

Country : Yemen
Position : 524
Ratings :
Address : P. O. Box 1475 or 2195, Sanaa, Republic of Yemen
Tel : 967-1-321-528/ thru 533
Fax : 967-1-274-035
Email :
Website :
E-paper : Al-Thawra
Type : Paper media