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Al Riyadh

Al Riyadh is a Riyadh-based, pro-government Saudi daily newspaper. Its sister paper was Riyadh Daily that was disestablished on 1 January 2004. Al Riyadh is one of the dominant papers in Nejd.

Al Riyadh is the first daily newspaper that was published in Arabic in Riyadh. Its first issue was published on 11 May 1965 with a limited number of pages. Later, it became a daily publication with 52 pages, 32 pages of which were colored pages. Its current issues are with 80-100 pages. The paper is published in broadsheet format.

Al Riyadh is also pioneer in other aspects. It is the first Saudi paper that included caricatures which were drawn by Ali Kharjy, a then-leading caricaturist. It is argued that Al Riyadh gained popularity among the public due to these caricatures at the end of the 1960s. Al Riyadh is also the first Saudi newspaper to open a women’s bureau.

Al Riyadh is owned and published by Al Yamamah Press Establishment. The company is also the publisher of weekly magazine Al Yamamah.

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