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Al Bayan

Al Bayan is one of the largest newspapers in the Gulf and Arab countries. It has credibility and transparency in monitoring events and news of interest to the Arab world and through a network of correspondents and editors who seek truth and credibility in their daily reports and news.

Since its establishment on May 10, 1980, it has been independent from other local and Arab newspapers, with its news, coverage and interest in the local and Arab affairs. Through its career, it has established a good reputation and a wide spread, especially with the advent of the written press era, the world of Internet and technology. Extending the area of ​​the Arab world and the Arabs in all parts of the world.

Country : UAE
Position : 38
Ratings :
POBox : 2710 Dubai
Tel : +971 4 3444400 +971 4 4064406
Fax : +971 4 3447846 +971 4 3445257
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Type : Paper media